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A few years ago, I decided to do make-up. My first instinct was to create an instagram account and put pictures of my makeup. Without even having the idea of creating a business, I shared my passions and my discoveries online. I never thought that 6 years later I would still be playing with makeup.

Being an MUA allows your emotions to flow and your imagination to take over.

Unforgettable encounters

When I started, I met a woman from England who chose me to do her Bridal makeup She was one of my first clients. I had the opportunity to do her wedding makeup trial, which she loved. She enjoyed her journey with me so much that she invited me to her wedding. This invitation touched me enormously, but unfortunately I could not go.

2 years later, I had the opportunity to go to London for my studies. I contacted her to find out how she was doing and to hear from her. She decided to invite me to her home and show me a part of London that was still unknown to me. It touched me a lot. I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that if I wasn’t an MUA, I would never have met him.

It’s amazing how makeup can bring people together. You can connect with people from all over the world and create strong bonds.

London: A History - HISTORY

Tips for beginners

If I could give advice to the old Jenny or just a beginner make-up artist, I would say to her:

  1. Believe in your talent

A lot more people than you think like what you do. What you do has a lot of value. You bring much more happiness than you think. After doing makeup, you can’t imagine how many people will feel better and more beautiful. Believe in yourself and don’t give up.

2. The material is good, but it’s all about the technique

Many make-up artists think that you have to spend a lot of money in order to have a good equipment. It’s totally wrong: You can get discounts when purchasing your makeup kit AND more expensive ≠ Better quality. Focus on learning how to do make up well and dont worry about products.

3. Learn from other makeup artists and surround yourself with them

Every makeup artist, beginner or advanced, has a unique way of looking at things. You can learn from each of them, whether they have a lot of followers or not. Surround yourself with good people and share your knowledge. It’s a win-win situation.

Makeup is therapeutic

A passionate MUA will know what I’m talking about when I say that makeup is therapeutic! Makeup is like drawing or painting where your canvas is a face. A make-up lasts about 1 hour and it’s a moment where you let yourself go. You mix the colors to have a finish that you like. You can either chat with the client or just enjoy the background music. You can test new techniques and see the result. You can mix textures, shapes, colors and create something that no one can reproduce. After the makeup session, you feel good because you just created a look you had envisioned. It’s hard to explain the feeling of doing makeup when you really like what you are doing. All I can say is that: a MUA is an artist.

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