Is makeup still worth it in 2024?

As I’m approaching my thirties, I realise that my relationship with makeup has changed. In the early 2000s, makeup was EVERYTHING. Blue eyeshadow, big contour, bold lips.. makeup was IT.

I always liked natural simple makeup, but never said no to a full face of full glam barbie makeup look. It was a way of expressing myself.

Now, I wear makeup for a totally different reason and I don’t think I’m the only one. I use makeup as a booster, as a tool to help me face my fears.

Let me explain..

When I have an interview for a job – I wear my makeup and instantly feel like I can face the interviewer

Want to ask for a raise? I wear a dark eyeliner and I know my stare is now intense and feel confident enough to ask the big question

Meeting new people? I add a little bit of highlight to make myself more approachable.

Facing a crowd? Wear a red lipstick

What I noticed is that when you like your physical appearance, you feel good on the inside.

Makeup can be such a powerful tool that I’m glad I learned to use.

Just like you can use your pose to enhance your confidence, you can use makeup to feel more powerful

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