What should you have on your website?

Having a website helps convert your potential customers into loyal customers. A good site gives you credibility and can demonstrate your professionalism.


In your website it is very important to have a portfolio to show your talent. The portfolio will make it so people can see what type of makeup you are used to doing. It will encourage people to contact you to get their makeup done. Your portfolio should contain the best photos that show the scope of your talent as a makeup artist.


Some clients, even before making an appointment with you, will want to contact you to ask questions. They will want to know so if you do the type of makeup they would like to have. It is essential that customers can get in touch with you to be able to ask all the questions they have in mind. In your website, you should have a contact page or simply a contact form on one of the pages.

3. Booking

It is essential to have a reservation system on its website. It’s the only way a future client can book a moment with you. Ideally, the customer should be able to pay and deposit online to finalize her reservation. In addition, she must have access to your calendar in order to book her makeup session.

4. List of services

Many make-up artists avoid posting their price list and the rates associated with make-up services online. However, I recommend always putting a list of services and prices so that the client can know what to expect when using your services. In addition, you can add approximate prices: …from.. so that your client can know that there is a good chance that the price is higher than the price of the products shown online. You can also put a slice prices and certain VIP services with a price on demand. It’s important to have a service list so the client can budget for the future makeup service with you. If you do other services than makeup such as hairdressing, aesthetics, nails, etc.

5. Testimony

A testimonial on your website is the icing on the cake. This is what will allow you to convert your future customers. They will see the opinion of other customers who we do business with you, which will encourage them to book with you. Customers value the feedback people have about your services. It is therefore important to ask the opinion of your current customers in order to display them on your website.


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